Meet Melissa and Brian – Wedding Giveaway Winners

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the winners of the FREE WEDDING GIVEAWAY! After more than 15,000 contest votes and submissions between all of our wonderful finalists, Melissa and Brian took home the cake. Get to know the couple below and stay tuned as we continue to update this page with their wedding planning journey.


Brian and Melissa met in Jersey City at a local Irish pub bar when Brian was a customer and Melissa was a server. Brian was with some friends of his and Melissa walked over to take their order. It was love at first sight. They did not exchange numbers that night, but Brian kept visiting the bar every week for months, visiting with his friends. It wasn’t until several months later when Brian asked Melissa for her number after they were all hanging out at a mutual friend’s house party. They went on their first date the next night when Brian offered to teach Melissa how to drive a manual transmission car in his 1993 Toyota MR2. After she only stalled the car a few times, Brian drove Melissa up to a park where she could see the entire New York City skyline. It was a beautiful sight. They shared their first kiss, and the rest is history.



Melissa Del Toro was born in Miami, Florida. Her mother and her side of the family immigrated from Nicaragua and her dad’s side of the family was from Puerto Rico. Melissa grew up in Westchester and went to Rockway Elementary School, Rockway Middle School and Southwest Miami Senior High. The youngest of three, with an older brother and sister, Melissa always had a creative side. She grew up watching episodes of “Cake Boss,” teaching herself how to bake and in high school even started her own business selling baked goods out of her home. Her passion for baking led her to study Hospitality Management at FIU and her interests led her to meet the ‘Cake Boss’ himself, where he offered her an internship to work for him at his bakery in New Jersey. She uprooted herself,  moved to New Jersey and started her work at Carlo’s Bakery, where she also worked a second job as a server at a restaurant to support her dream of working for her idol.


Brian Tuazon was born in Jersey City, NJ. Brian’s parents met in the Philippines, moved to New Jersey, and got married. They started their family together and Brian was the youngest of two, with an older sister. Brian grew up in Jersey City and went to Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School, Marist High School and eventually graduated from Rutgers University with a Criminal Justice degree. His interests in criminal justice led him to pursue a career as a police officer in the city he grew up in.

Engagement Story

In 2021, Brian takes Melissa on an annual camping trip with their friends. They get to the cabin at night and stay up playing games until the sun starts to break over the mountains. Everyone rushes outside to climb the hill behind the cabin to get a better view. They are all exhausted and out of breath running uphill. Their pitbull Torque sits down at the very top, and starts to roll around in the grass. Melissa starts to pet Torque (Charlie, their dachshund, takes advantage of her distraction and runs off down the mountain) and someone yells, “Melissa!” Melissa turns around and sees Brian down on one knee. She says yes! And they spend the rest of the trip calling their family and friends on facetime and celebrating with their friends at the cabin.

“Is this real life!? Thank you to everyone who voted for us and supported us in this contest! Thank you Redland Farm Life for the opportunity of a lifetime and to all of the sponsors who are making this happen – you have absolutely changed our lives!”

– Melissa, Winner of the Wedding Contest Giveaway

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